Why is our factory using TPE material make USB cables?

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Why is the data line in our factory mainly using TPE wire?

In mobile device accessories and data line products, the most popular market is TPE data line. For example, our company's mobile data line mostly uses TPE raw material.

Why is the TPE data line raw material popular with the market? TPE data line materials have the following characteristics:

1.TPE material has excellent processing performance, with various colors in the dispenser. The most common in the market is white or light gray.

The data line made of 2.TPE feels smooth and non stick hand. It can reach the surface of the data line of grind or fine effect.

3. through the formulation of TPE, it can improve the aging resistance of the wire, resist the yellowing and UV performance, and prolong the service life of the product.

4.TPE raw material is safe and non-toxic, does not cause stimulation to human skin, does not contain toxic plasticizers, and replace the best choice of PVC wire.

The 5.TPE data line is stable and halogen free flame retardant V0 level, which plays a great role in the safety and environmental protection performance.


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