Why is the cell phone charging head heated

- Jan 10, 2018 -

How is the cell phone charging head heated?

When the cell phone is charged, the heating of the charger is normal, which is related to the current intensity and the ambient temperature of the charger, and the following is the solution to the overheating of the charger.

1, charge it in a cool environment.

If the charger is overheated, it's better to charge it in a cool environment in the summer, such as an air-conditioned room. So the cell phone charger won't overheat.

2. Use the original charger.

When charging the mobile phone, the original charger should be used to ensure the stability of the output current and the protection of the battery. The original charger will also be heated, but it will not overheat, and there is a protective device. If your charger is overheated, it means that it is fake or inferior, or not original.

3. Do not play with a cell phone when the cell phone is charged.

Cell phone also plays a mobile phone when charging. It will cause the mobile phone charger to overheat, because it will work longer than normal, so that the charger will not reduce the life of the charger.

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