Why The charging of the mobile phone has suddenly become very slow

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Why The charging of the mobile phone has suddenly become very slow

It is suggested that you try the following operation: 

1. turn off the charging test.

 2. replacement charge position, remove socket caused by poor contact caused by intermittent charging slow 

3. if conditions allow backup charger test. Check or repair 

4. start charging, such as mobile phone charging with third party plug-ins such as doctors, recommended after unloading test. 

5. check the mobile phone charging interface is a foreign body, such as liquid, debris and lead to charge a mobile phone charging interface and charger caused by bad slow, if this proposal as soon as possible to repair

 6. mobile phone data backup (phone book, SMS, pictures, etc.) will be set to enter the mobile phone restore factory (mobile phone set - reset - restore factory set).

If the problem remains, it is suggested that you carry the relevant documents and send the mobile phone and charger to the local mobile service center for detailed testing

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