Why the mobile phone can't connect the PC suite

- Dec 20, 2017 -

the problem that the mobile phone can't connect the PC suite.

Answer: many Internet bars can't connect PC suite. First, the reason for driving the firewall is to turn it off. Again, it's because you use the computer mainframe front box or USB connection, so you need to try it on the USB interface behind the chassis.

The PC suite is unable to connect the handset process:

The first step: click "start" at the lower left of the computer - select the "control panel" - select "add or delete program" - uninstall the "NOKIA PC suite";

The second step: continue to choose "add or remove programs", then uninstall "Nokia PC Connextivity Solution file" and "Nokia Connectivity Cable driver file".

The third step is to select "my computer", click the right mouse button, select "attributes", select "hardware", turn on "device manager", select "universal serial bus controller", and uninstall all USB drivers.

(Note: (1), if the mouse used is the USB interface, please replace the mouse with the PS/2 interface temporarily. Otherwise the mouse will not be able to operate. Of course, if you know which one is the mouse driver, do not uninstall it. 2. Please rest assured that the above driver is unloaded. After the computer is restarted, the system will automatically search and install the universal serial bus controller.

Fourth step: after restarting the computer, install "NOKIA PC kit", after installing the "NOKIA PC suite", please do not use the data line to connect the phone.

The fifth step: continue to select "add or delete programs" - uninstall the "Nokia Connectivity Cable driver file";

Sixth step: after restarting the computer, we need to install the driver of CA-101 data line.

Seventh step: after restarting the computer, use the data line to connect the mobile phone and the computer (at this time do not open the PC suite). After connecting, the computer system will automatically prompt the connection. When you first connect to the computer, you will not choose "don't remind me to install the driver later" in the pop-up new hardware wizard. If you choose it, you will not respond later.

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