Cognitive Power Adapter CE Certification Requirements And Sources

- Oct 09, 2017 -

Switch power adapter for many product development engineers, to send new products to related departments and strict CE certification, is the most key link in the whole development process, also can directly related to the product is in conformity with export standards. So what exactly is this CE certification? What are the requirements for CE certification for a switching power adapter? Let's take a look at it.

In fact, this so-called CE certification is an eu national certification for products. If the new product of the switching power adapter wants to be exported to European countries, it must carry the "CE" mark, and the "CE" mark is also a pass-through order entering European countries. This sign indicates that the product conforms to one or several related European directives. This is enforced by law. In the certification audit process, power adapter products will be verified production quality, product quality, unit, such as EC type test certification examination, inspection and acceptance by later, will be issued with the corresponding "CE" mark. For products that have already passed the certification, the "CE" logo issued by the European Union must be marked on the nameplate and packaging box, and the height shall not be less than 5mm, and shall be scaled in proportion.
Of course, after the power adapter has already obtained the CE certification, there is another job that needs to be done by the dealer, which is to sign the compliance statement. When the adapter products are exported to Europe, the manufacturer must sign a compliance statement indicating that its products have met the relevant eu requirements. This statement must be shipped to Europe, otherwise the customs will not allow the goods to enter the country. Once products are found in Europe that do not meet the conditions of CE, they will be severely punished.

Finally need to remind everybody is, the switch power adapter of the CE certification is not any agency can do, when to entrust the test must determine its appraisal qualification clearly, if it is illegal to test facility, so the consequences is very serious. Because if the product without testing and the CE label, will be considered making fake products, all eu countries will take appropriate action to forge the CE marking products and other products the same manufacturers in Europe for severe punishment. Therefore, it would be very dangerous if the product was tested by some illegal or crude certification authorities.

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