How Can You Maximize Your Effectiveness?

- Oct 09, 2017 -

Question 1: what is quick charge technology?
Fast charging can literally be understood to improve the charging speed of mobile phones. So what does it do? The principle is also very simple and easy to understand. Fast charge through chipset to adjust the input voltage and current value of the phone, thus shortening the charging time. It is common to improve the charging speed of the mobile phone by increasing the voltage constant current, low voltage high current and high voltage high current.

Question 2: why do we have fast charging?
Because airframe design using an organic whole, the current mobile phone can't replace the battery, and battery technology has not yet been breakthrough, in the case of the use of high strength, not enough to standby for a day, often can see people carrying mobile charging power supply. When the fast charging technology is available, the technology can be used to greatly shorten the charging time and effectively improve the user experience.

Question 3: how can you maximize your effectiveness?
Want a phone with the fastest speed of charging, you must use a mobile phone in the standard cable and charger, charging them online and head all have a certain particularity, because of the fast charging standard is different, the each power management chip has the difference, so the use of standard data and charging head is unable to realize quick charge. If the power adapter does not support fast charge, then the output voltage will not meet the fast charge standard. That is to say, adopt special line, special head, special machine, need not.
Also, if you don't have a quick charge for the mobile power you're using, you won't be able to enjoy the benefits, so it's necessary to pay attention to the problem when you choose to move the power source.

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