How Do E-commerce Data Lines Break Through

- Sep 30, 2017 -

With the popularity of smartphones, mobile phone peripheral accessories from mobile phone accessory industry into a rigid demand industry market, consumers are starting to focus on 3 c digital industry brands and products, from as long as can charge for whose products better, from 9.9 to 29 even higher now, consumers fully embodies the present stage of mobile phone data line consumption idea change in the industry, so, how to break from numerous data line brand became a problem a lot of businesses to face, especially in today's electric dealer market, what should we do?
1. The company's own configuration, objectives and implementation
That there is no doubt that all of the scores are need team work together bit by bit accumulation and become, we witness and service brand too much since the childhood to strong electricity cable, along the way, deeply feel the strength of the team.
Product and product focus
Some brands have a wide range of layout and layout, but there are also many brands that start from small groups and invest in them. In focusing on the product, in addition to focus on product quality, we also will be more focus on solving customer pain points, such as we take the inner and outer mold design of different hardness, greatly improve product performance and service life, solve the pain points of previous data line is broken, this kind of product is more critical potential.
Say to product focus, we will focus on the user usage scenarios, with the rise of intelligent mobile phone games, more and more young people need to play while charging, the structure of traditional cable serious do not conform to the users demand, so we take the lead in research and development for mobile games this new usage scenarios of 90 degrees of double color molding products and introducing more with different characteristics of products to meet market demand.
Market positioning
Just like the positioning of the clothing stalls and the opening of small stores and stores, the market positioning of e-commerce data lines is also important. With the maturity and perfection of artificial intelligence and platform technology, positioning is more accurate and more successful. Many brands are also beginning to independent design mould, in addition to have clear judgement on product positioning, more important is can through their own design meet the requirements of more precise, to achieve product positioning.

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