How To Choose A Good Charging Cable For Your Mobile Phone

- Dec 26, 2017 -

                      How to choose a good charging cable for your mobile phone

    Most of us have a few data and charging cable for our mobile phone. For example, one at home, one in office and one carrying together with our laptop etc,. 

    Maybe you ever have trouble in slow charging, even unable to charge with the cable you purchased. Perhaps you can find the solution after reading this.

    First of all, although most of usb cable looks same from their external appearence. But they might be different internally. That is why some cables can support fast charging and others cables can not charge or charge at a slow speed.

    Such as our new design USB 3.0 cable, it can support fast charging and data transfer.

详情2 副本.jpg详情12 副本.jpg

For this cable, total 9 core internally. And the normal cable just have 4 core,  so the USB 3.0 cables can charge faster than normal cables.

If you need a fast charging cable, please do not hesitate to choose USB 3.0 cable. It not noly charging fast but also can save your time!

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