How To Use And Select Car Charger

- Oct 09, 2017 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the development of economy, it is no longer difficult to have a car of its own, but after buying the car, it will face a series of problems. With the development of intelligence, cars and mobile phones are becoming more and more connected. Some cars can even support the direct control of mobile phones. Many car owners are used to using car chargers in their cars, but you may not think that there are major safety hazards.
Here's how the car charger works. The car charger converts the 12V voltage of the cigarette lighter to a USB voltage of 5V and charges the digital product through the charging line. This is small and easy to operate. The key is that the price is cheap.
Car charger classification: the car charger according to different types on the market can be divided into: general car charger and inverter charger, universal car charger is low output (5 v / 9 v, etc.), just as mobile phone, tablet, digital products to charge; The inverter charger can convert DC12V/24V dc to ac10/220v or even higher ac, which can be used to charge the laptop, mobile phone, navigation device and other products, and use a wide range of applications. Obviously, for the most part, we only need to charge mobile phones, tablets, digital products and so on, so the general car charger can meet the demand. And compared with the 220V invert output, the general owner charger is safer and more comfortable to use.
So the question is, how do you pay attention to the daily use of the car charger?
First, do not insert before the car starts, so as not to damage the car charger when it starts. Second, do not use chemical products, cleaning agents to clean the car charger, such practice is dangerous; In the process of use, be careful not to get into the water or to be exposed to damp air during long periods of time; Finally, the car charger should be removed after the vehicle has been extinguished. Car chargers should be suspended during summer thunderstorms and high temperatures.
How should we buy a car charger?
It is important to pay attention to the function of overload protection when selling car charger. Because once the overload is unprotected, the charger's life will decrease, and the risk will be greatly increased. Again, it is the material that makes the APS material that has safe fire prevention. If the car charger is not up to standard, it can be worn by powerful current at the moment of ignition. Flame retardancy is poor, coupled with poor car-mounted charger when components failure, cannot limit flame within the enclosure, and because the car decoration mainly flammable items, such as leather, plastic and textile car charger can lead to spontaneous combustion vehicle burned. Secondly, when choosing the car charger, try to choose the output current for more than 1A. Otherwise, it may not be able to keep up with the consumption during the use, resulting in less charge. Therefore, we want to buy the product that the formal manufacturer passes the authentication, do not buy and use the product of the three products, otherwise the quality problem makes a complaint no door. Especially not covet is cheap to buy 20 yuan of the following brands, the current domestic mainstream brand car charger price in 20-100 yuan, when buying, be sure to buy tag has Chinese label is released.
The car charger should pay attention to the following points
1. Know the auto charger auto-protection function
The car charger has the function of overpressure, overcurrent, overheat, and short circuit protection. It is best to use ABS fire - retardant materials, which can prevent external burning and beautiful appearance, without leaving hand mark.
2. Attention voltage and current size
When choosing a car charger, pay attention to the voltage and current size of the supporting equipment, such as the iphone 5V/ 1A, the tablet PC and the mobile power supply 5V/ 2A. Double USB car charger if the mobile phone and tablet at the same time, the car charger, the total current must be at least 3 a or above, otherwise the rate has fallen dramatically, not only will excessive heat or even bad filling equipment.
3. Choose a reliable brand
Reliable quality of the brand is guaranteed, and it is safe to use, which is not to be said. Although the price is generally more expensive than the inferior car charger, but if it is cheap, the quality is a problem, it must be a complaint.
4. Select multi-function car charging
Car chargers are usually placed in cigarette lighter positions. If you smoke, buy a car with a cigarette lighter.

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